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Variety of grapes: 100% Picolìt. It is the noblest wine of Friuli.  Its origins are still shrouded in mystery, and it is only since 1750, that thanks to the writings of Count Fabio Asquini, we can have a precise documentation of the "nectar” produced by the small berries of this little bunch".  The particularity of this curious and gentle grape is infact the partial flower fertilization, which determines the growth of very few but concentrate berries in each bunch.  Complex wine, antique- gold colour, harmonizes sweet and acidic sensations, releasing a soothing scent of candied fruit, vanilla and wildflowers. Historically, greater European nobility wine, is considered "meditation wine" of great prestige.

Vineyards location:  (Municipality of Torreano – Colli Orientali del Friuli)

Growing method:  Guyot, 5.000 plants/ha, vineyard planted from 1980 to 2004.

Yield/hectar:  30 quintals

Vinification techniques:  Manual harvesting of the grapes that are positioned in dry chests and put into a loft with natural ventilation, which lasts until late December, from soft pressing of whole grapes, you get a very low yield of mash, 15 -18 lt. for quintal of grapes, fermentation starts very slow and lasts several months.

Ageing and fining:  Picolit refines for 3 years in massive oak barrels, then proceeds to bottling and refining again in the bottle for 6 months.

Characteristics:  The Picolit stretches first on your tongue lapping the palate with intense aroma and freshness, already expressed at the nose, accompanied by a sweet presence, not nauseating but  in equilibrium with the emotions that only a product like Picolit can give. Hits for the amplitude of taste-olfactory sensations and its persistence. Is a gentle and delicate wine, very feminine, its refined beauty must be discovered slowly. The scent has a large and delicate bouquet of exceptional elegance reminiscent of the bee's honeycomb full of honey produced with all the flowers of the fields, ripe fruit, the jam peach and apricot, figs. On the palate it is sweet,  aristocratic, warm and velvety, fine.

Alcohol content of wine:  12 %Vol

Bottle:  Vetro bianco da lt. 0,50

Gastronomic combinations:  Meditation wine. The classics use to combine with goose  liver and green cheese. We want to intrigue tasting it  together with raw oysters, truffles, caviar and seafood raw,  scampi, without forgetting the foie-gras. Meditation wine for excellence. Goes well with small pastries; but ... "the Picolit is Picolit and it’s enough!". It should be drunk alone, with an almost religious attention, in a confidential conversation between wine, on the one hand, the sight,  smell and taste on the other.

Serving temperature:  10° - 12°C.

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