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08 VINO IN EVIDENZA Tazzelenghe

"A few words about "TAZZELENGHE":  Authentically grape from Friuli; a secure area of origin is unknown. It was part of the multitude of vineyards scattered Friuli region hills, today mostly disappeared. Currently was rediscovered along with Refosco and Schiopettino. Is grown in different areas of Colli Orientali del Friuli. The name itself testifies the personality of this wine that does not tolerate inexperienced consumers. Tazzelenghe (Friuli pron. tace-lenghe) means "cut tongue", fully deserved designation for its unique quality.

The Tazzelenghe has no amateurs or supporters! Only true followers are allowed ... all others will find themselves with their tongue cut out!

Variety of grapes:   Tazzelenghe  100%

Vineyards location:  Torreano (Udine)

Growing method:  Guyot, 5.000 plants/ha, vineyard planted during 1989.

Yield/hectar:  55 quintals

Vinification techniques:  Manual harvesting, soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation temperature at 26° -28° C, maceration on skins for 15-20 days, with several remontages to racking.

Ageing and fining:  The wine refines in barrels of massive oak of 225 litres, after 24 months is assembled.  After 6 months from assembly, bottling. Refining in bottle for 6 months before marketing.

Characteristics:  Intense red color with violet reflexes, strong in mouth. Tough and sturdy wine that softens itself during the normal processes of ageing related to barrels-ageing (condensation and oxidation of tannins). The purplish-red color, intense, vinous when young, dims to change in red with Garnet reflexes with ageing. The bouquet is ample and pleasant with mild hints of wood.

Alcohol content of wine:  12,5 %Vol

Total acidity:  5,4 g/l

Bottle:  Green glass of lt. 0,75

Gastronomic combinations:  Wine indicated for roasts and braised. Goes well with sauces  of white and red meats and game.

Serving temperature:  18° - 20°C.

Download datasheet:   pdf08_TAZZELENGHE_EN.pdf