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A few words about Fuc e Flamis:

Winter 2004, a very cold one. You should imagine three strange characters gathered around the table: the point is to invent a name specific for the Schioppettino wine, special, unexpected wine, we necessarily had to find a special identity. After over an hour of fanciful thoughts, someone realizes that the fire in the heater was exhausting, and said to the others: mét un a lèn sul  fùc! (put a piece of wood into the fire!) Fuc? Fuc, fuc ...Fuc ... (Fire) and Flàmis (flames)! Here it is the name! The right name for a wine that is out of the ordinary, it appeared  with noise, clucking.. by fire and flames, indeed. This is how FUC and FLAMIS was born.

Variety of grapes:  Schioppettino 100% (also named as Ribolla nera).

Vineyards location:  Torreano (Udine)

Growing method:  Guyot, 5.000 plants/ha, vineyards planted from 1972 to 1984.

Yield/hectar:  55 quintals

Vinification techniques: Manual collection of grapes into crates to submit to over-ripening in loft for 30 days, soft pressing of grapes, 20 days  maceration,controlled fermentation temperature at 26°-28° C, with several remontages to racking.

Ageing and fining: The wine is matured in vats and after 18 months bottled. Refining in bottle for 3 months and then proceeds to commercialization.

Characteristics: Good body and structure, garnet-red colour with violet reflections, especially intense with hints of cherries and blackberries, with a spicy finish.   The taste retains the aroma of underbrush and, if aged, acquires spicy and complex overtones,reminiscent of the musk .

Alcohol content of wine:  12,5 %Vol

Total acidity:  4,9 g/l

Bottle:  Dark glass of lt. 0,75

Gastronomic combinations:  Recommended with first courses with meat sauce, main dishes such as mixed skewers of meat, braised and roasted meat. Excellent with meats, pasta with sauces of wild game and in particular pheasant, woodcock and quail.

Serving temperature:  18° - 20°C.

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