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A few words about Boborosso:

Friulians say Boboròsso, pronounced with the third ' o ' elongated, means bogeyman, although there is no literal translation. Telling to someone "you seems a boboròsso"  wants to emphasize the look clumsy ridiculously eccentric portrait of the recipient, but also absolutely harmless in the sense that it does not fear in anyone. Children that have seen  the image of the label on the bottle, created by manipulating and clobbing a photograph of a white beech bud, started to laugh and had fun, then telling them that it was the bogeyman of the polenta continued to laugh. We hope this starts smiles on your face too.

Variety of grapes:  Refosco with Peduncolo Rosso ⅓ -  Cabernet Sauvignon ⅓ - Merlot ⅓

Vineyards location:  Torreano (Udine)

Growing method:  Guyot, 5.000-5.500 plants/ha.

Yield/hectar:  55 quintals

Vinification techniques: Strictly hand picked selections of grapes, grapes are softly destemmed, long maceration on the skins for about 25 days with frequent repassing of must over Lees.

Ageing and fining:  The Assembly is carried out on the first racking, when Malolactic is made, in oak barrels where remains for 28-30 months.  Marketing after 5 years later.

Characteristics:  Garnet red, with hints of red fruits, jam, spices. Produced from selected grapes from vineyards of different ages, gives the nose and taste an elegant sturdiness. At first glance it looks just fine and impressive, intense, fruity and spicy, with hints of blackcurrant, cherry, balsamic wood, leather and liquorice. In the mouth it is round, very thick, with tannins that give a strong character without harm to the softness and balance. Final, very long and full of flavor.

Bottle: Dark glass lt. 1,5

Gastronomic combinations:  Important red wine to accompany strong dishes: spits, red meat, sauces, braised, roasts, tasty cheeses.

Serving temperature:  18° - 20°C.

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